Dream: College science class

I was enrolled in college. Before class there was some incident with a woman’s dog. It was a big white pit bull and was sick, acting very lethargic. I was cradling it in my arms and set it down on an exam table for a vet. But class was beginning, so me and the other students had to leave the dog. Class was some kind of science course, maybe physics or chemistry. There were only about twelve students in the tiny classroom. The teacher was going over a one-page assignment that apparently everyone had already completed. As class ended I told the teacher I would turn it in tomorrow, because I had to run home. I was walking through the large science building, looking for a place to sit and finish my homework. There was lots of activities going on. One group of students was working on creating this giant velvet quilt. There was another group of people in one corridor working on table tennis servers, who were screaming aggressively as they sent super powerful serves across the tables. At some point I just left the school and was in my neighborhood, walking home. I would just complete my homework in the comfort of my own home.