Dream: Flying tiger

I was looking down at a mountain forest, as if from a drone, on a clear summer day. I could hear my voice, talking with my brother-in-law. We were hiking together in the woods near his home in California, but I couldn’t see where we were. He pointed out a commotion in the sky. A winged tiger was flying across the sky. As it flapped its giant wings, soaring above the treetops, I could see that something was chasing it. A winged lizard (a dragon?) the same size as the tiger flew behind it. They were roaring and screeching at one another. It was such a bizarre and shocking sight that we didn’t feel any fear. We were just in awe of these uncanny beasts. But my point of view changed and I returned to the ground. I could see my brother-in-law, wearing hiking clothes and a backpack. We were in a clearing of the forest and could see the tiger and lizard fighting above us. Had it remained that way, it might have been fine, but their battle fell to earth. With two running thuds, the tiger and lizard landed on the ground in the forest. A horse came blazing out from the trees, sprinting past us and away from the commotion. We saw other animals fleeing. A velociraptor took off in the same direction as the horse as noises from the battle rumbled in the trees. They came tumbling out of the forest, taking out small trees and blushes with them. We snapped out of our dumbfounded state and began to run. We ran with the horses and the velociraptors, the deer and the squirrels, and tried to steer clear of the raging beasts attacking each other like miniature Kaiju monsters.