Dream: I was drawing

In the first part of the dream I was back working at a sporting goods store I worked at in San Francisco. I was ringing up this family and they were having some discussion about something and trying not to broadcast it, but at one point two of them were trying to convey some numbers to a middle-age woman in the group. So two of them were reciting numbers, and the third woman was trying to remember them and repeating them back, but she eventually had to start writing them down on a sheet of paper at the counter. They were trying to be discreet, but one of my coworkers and I were listening to the whole thing and I think we both repeated the full set of numbers to the family, indicating that we were listening to the whole thing. The family thought that was hilarious and everyone was laughing. Then the dream changed, and I was watching some animated sequence. Two men were driving in the desert. The man driving was very large, dressed like a businessman. He look like Mr. Incredible in his body shape and facial structure. The other man was very tiny in comparison. Then the dream changed again, and I was looking at my hand drawing the large man with a pencil in a sketchbook. It felt like I was really drawing, but it was effortless. I could see myself sketching his face and I was doing a great job of stylizing it while also capturing the way he looked.